Depending on seasonal availability, we have a selection of produce, from free-range eggs to cucumbers, tomatoes, and salad mix. They are all grown on an organic piece of property with organic practices and wholesome nutrition.

Free-Range Eggs

Our chickens are always on the pastures, fertilizing and scavenging. We are constantly rotating them over the fields, and you can tell how happy they are by their eggs. Instead of pale, sickly yokes, you will find orange, nutrition packed protein. It truly does make a difference when you raise them on pastures with GMO, corn, and soy free feed.

1 dozen eggs… $8


Varying Produce

Seasons change quickly, especially in the Pacific Northwest, so what we will have from time to time will change. However, one thing you can be sure of is the health and care we put into our plants and products. Raised with through organic practices and using the rich fertilizer from our livestock, we care for our community by caring about our produce. To find out what is available week to week, subscribe to our newsletter!