We offer a variety of meats depending on seasonal availability, including pasture raised pork, grass fed beef, free range chickens, and free range goat. We believe that every animal should have a part in creating a sustainable farm.

Grass Fed Beef

Our cows are raised on sprawling green acres for their entire lives. During winter they are fed local, unsprayed hay. To ensure that we offer the healthiest animals possible, we don’t finish them on grain: all they eat for their entire lives is grass.

Ground beef… $8 per/lb
Stir-Fry Strips… 8.50 per/lb
Ribs… $7-9 per/lb


Pasture-Raised Pork

Our pork is rotated over our certified organic land, grazing, digging, and rooting in the soil. They are also fed GMO, corn, and soy free feed (available for purchase as well). We offer a wide variety of sausages from bratwurst to ginger pear, classic bacon, and more.

Sausage Links… $10 per/lb
Bulk Sausage… $8 per/lb
Bacon… $14 per/lb
Ribs… $7-9 per/lb


Free Range Chicken

Our chickens are completely free range. They are constantly rotated over fresh grass, eating plants and bugs to their hearts content, along with their GMO, soy, and corn free feed. They are butchered in a certified USDA facility on the same property they are raised on.

Chicken Legs/Thighs… $8 per/lb
Chicken Breasts… $10 per/lb
Chicken Wings… $6 per/lb