We have partnered with Kaniksu Feeds, a family owned company from Idaho to sell GMO, corn, and soy free animal feeds. This wonderful opportunity allows us to supply our fellow animal-raisers with healthy options for their animals. Ranging from dairy to swine to chicken feed, each comes in a fifty pound bag at an extremely affordable price.

Please contact us if you are interested!

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Kaniksu Feeds

We have drop points all over Kitsap, if you are interested, please reach out!

Dairy Feed 16% … $16.54 per/50 lbs
Swine Grower/Finisher 17.5% … $16.71 per/50 lbs
Free Range Layer 13% … $15.53 per/50 lbs
Mega Layer 17% … $16.54 per/50 lbs
Chick Starter 21% … $20.08 per/50 lbs

If you need a different feed or protein level, contact us for other options!